Conditions of use


1. Preamble

The present General Sales Conditions (GSC) are defined according to the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree n°206/2005), section II on distance contracts (art.50-67) as well as by the laws governing electronic commerce (Legislative Decree n° 70-2003).

The present GSC are applicable, without restriction or reserve, to all transactions made with the STERNE company and for all of the associated products and services available on, except for specific cases previously agreed to in writing.

By the present general sales conditions, the vendor ‘STERNE’ establishes the conditions and modalities for the sales and delivery of products ordered through the website, thereby defining the rights and obligations of each of the below parties:

The vendor:

Zac du MIN Avenue Jean Monnet 
Email: [email protected]
Intracommunity VAT : FR 21 404 965 303
SAS with a capital of 239 899 euros


And any purchaser of the website

2. Acceptation of the present General Sales Conditions

As a consequence, all persons, physical or moral, who order a product and/or an associated service proposed on the website from the vendor STERNE SAS, fully and completely accept the present General Sales Conditions and certifiy having read them before making an order.

3. Legal capacity

The purchaser certifies that he has full legal capacity, meaning the capacity of enjoyment and the capacity of exercise at the moment of purchase. Minor purchasers certify that they are accompanied by person who exercises parental authority and full legal capacity.

4. Modification of the General Sales Conditions

STERNE SAS reserves the right to rectify and to modify, at any time, the present general sales conditions.

The general sales conditions that are applicable and applied for an order remain those which were current at the date of order.

In order to avoid any confusion, STERNE SAS recommends that potential customers and purchasers regularly consult all of the general sales conditions on the website


1. Prices and Taxes

The sales prices on the internet website are indicated in euros (€) all taxes included (TTC).

The prices thereby include the value added tax (VAT) calculated using the applicable Italian rate.

Orders will be invoiced in euros and the balance paid in one payment in euros. STERNE SAS reserves the right to modify the prices indicated at any time.

2. Delivery and packaging costs

The prices indicated do not include the costs of delivery and packaging with regard to delivery. Delivery and packaging costs are automatically calculated depending on the destination, the weight and the price of the order. Delivery and packaging costs appear systematically on the order summary.

The prices and offers applicable are those published at the moment of ordering. Products which are unavailable for sale are identified by the phrase ‘article temporarily unavailable’.


1. Product Characteristics

Before ordering the purchaser may view the product and gain knowledge about its qualities and characteristics through a written description.

For more precise, or complementary, information, prior to ordering, the purchaser may send questions by e-mail to [email protected] The vendor STERNE SAS promises to answer the purchaser’s questions of in the most efficient manner possible, thereby helping in the decision-making process.

2. Acceptation of the offer

The purchaser certifies having knowledge of the different characteristics of the product(s) before ordering, and is aware that the colors and physical appearance of the product may differ slightly from the reality, because of the limits of technology.

3. Application of the current offer and availability

The purchaser is not limited in the quantity and diversity of products ordered, but the offer is valid only within the limit of available stocks.


1. Main steps of an order

Search for information and addition of product(s) in the basket
Validation of the basket and acceptation of the General Sales Conditions
Creation of a client account or identification of an already existing client account
Selection and entry of delivery address
Choice and entry of invoicing address
Selection of a mode of delivery
Choice of the method and means of payment
Confirmation of the order and assignment of an order number

2. Acceptation of the order and its contents

The purchaser may verify his order before final validation, and thus may correct and modify the entered information. When the purchaser makes payment for the order, it is considered that the order, its contents, the prices, the quantities, the products ordered and the present general sales conditions are known and accepted. The order thereby becomes irrevocable (except under the conditions detailed under Article 7 – RIGHTS AND CONDITIONS FOR RETURNS/WITHDRAWALS).

STERNE SAS recommends that the purchaser note the reference of order and that the order details be printed out.

An e-mail of confirmation of order which includes the order reference as well as a summary of the order will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the purchaser.

3. Responsibilities

The website and the STERNE SAS company cannot be made responsible for errors committed during the entry of personal data, of delivery coordinates and of the choice of products resulting in errors of order and delivery.

After creation of his client account, the purchaser is wholly responsible for the maintaining confidentiality and for not divulging data which allow access to his account.


1. Payment conditions

In order to validate the order the whole amount payable is due. The unique currency used for payment is the euro.

2. Payment methods

The following credit cards: Carte BLEUE, VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted on the website Through his payment, the purchaser certifies that he disposes of the necessary authorizations for the use of the means of payment.

3. Security

Secure payment is guaranteed by the Banque Populaire which uses the SYSTEMPAY of NATIXIS, a platform designed using the latest technology and technical innovations.

In order to reassure the purchaser at the moment of making his decision, the Banque Populaire and the STERNE SAS company have chosen to use 3D secure. A payment authorization is required for each payment made.

STERNE SAS reserves the right to request copies of one or several identification cards from the purchaser and to cancel or terminate any current order if there is payment default.

4. Payment default

The products remain the exclusive property of STERNE SAS until payment of all sums due by the purchaser. STERNE SAS reserves the right to cancel any orders for which there is payment default.


1. Geographic zone

The products purchased through may be delivered in the European Union, in Austria,Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, UK and Canada.

Delivery will be provided by an independent contractor.

The products sold on the website are developed and manufactured exclusively in Western Europe.

2. Delivery to the purchaser’s home address – In Europe

Upon reception of parcels and after verification of the purchaser’s identification, the purchaser is required to sign a receipt. The signature on the receipt certifies that the purchaser acknowledges the acceptable condition of the parcels as well as their contents.If the purchaser is absent when the parcel is delivered, the delivery contractor will leave a notice of pending delivery indicating the place and times at which the parcels can be withdrawn. Once this time period passed (period which varies according to the country and the partners, on average 10 days), the parcels are returned to sender, the STERNE SAS company. Once the parcels are received by STERNE SAS, the account or the credit card debited for the purchase will be credited, less the shipment costs.

3. Delivery on appointment – Paris only (France)

The morning of the delivery of parcels, the purchaser is informed by sms or by e-mail of the different choices he has regarding his parcels.

The delivery of parcels is done only against signature. The signature on the receipt certifies that the purchaser acknowledges the acceptable condition of the parcels as well as their contents.

If the person does not keep the appointment, the parcels will be returned to the closest distribution center for a 10-day period.  Once this period has passed, the parcels will be returned to sender, the STERNE SAS company. After reception of parcels by STERNE SAS, the account or the credit card debited for the purchase will be credited, less the shipment costs.

4. Delivery outside the purchaser’s home address – Metropolitan France only

When ordering, the purchaser defines the place and conditions of delivery using a data base which has been pre-established by the independent delivery contractor.

6.4.1. At a Post Office or in a store

When the parcels are available at the Post office or in a store, the purchaser is informed by e-mail or by sms. In order to obtain the parcels the purchaser must present a valid identification card as well as the withdrawal order. The parcels may only be withdrawn during business hours of the post office or of the stores. The parcels will be handed over against signature only.The signature on the receipt certifies that the purchaser acknowledges the acceptable condition of the parcels as well as their contents.

The parcels remain available to the purchaser for withdrawal for a period of 10 working days. If the parcels are not withdrawn during this period, they will be returned to sender, the STERNE SAS company. After reception of the parcels by STERNE SAS, the account or the credit card debited for the purchase will be credited, less shipment costs.

6.4.2. In Cityssimo parcel spaces

The parcels may be deposited in the automatons of the Cityssimo spaces only if dimensions are smaller than 43x34x65 cm. The parcels may be withdrawn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As soon as the parcels are deposited, the purchaser will receive an e-mail or an sms informing him of the availability of the parcels in a Cityssimo space, as well as a code allowing the withdrawal of the parcels.

The parcels remain available to the purchaser for a period of 10 working days.  If the parcels are not withdrawn during this period they will be returned to sender, the STERNE SAS company. After reception by STERNE SAS, the account or the credit card debited for the purchase will be credited, less shipment costs.

5. Delivery transit time

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday only, not including legal holidays.  Delivery time can vary depending on the destination and on the weight of the parcels. Delivery time is indicated on the order form.

For delivery in France delivery time will be 3 working days

The delivery times in the European Union are calculated depending on the weight of the parcels and their destination.

Delivery times are estimated after preparation of the order and from the time at which the parcel is taken over by the independent delivery contractor which is external to the STERNE SAS company.

Delivery times are in working days from Monday to Saturday, not including legal holidays.

Exceeding the indicated delivery time does not allow the purchaser to claim damages. Nonetheless, the STERNE SAS company pledges not to exceed indicated delivery times by more than 30 days except in the case of force majeure and exceptional circumstances.

If the 30-day period is exceeded, the purchaser may cancel his order by registered letter with a return receipt. Once the order has been returned in its entirety, the purchaser will be reimbursed.

6. Validity of personal data

Delivery is made to the address entered by the consumer in the ‘Delivery Address’ rubric and may be different from the invoice address.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the validity of his personal data, such as: postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The STERNE SAS company and the website cannot be held responsible for errors committed during the entry of personal data. They cannot be held responsible if the purchaser cannot consult his sms or e-mails either.


1. Retraction right

After reception of parcels, and according to the legislative decree n°185 of 22 May 1999, the purchaser has 10 days to form an opinion about his purchase and to change his mind, the signature on the receipt of the parcel acting as proof.

2. Retraction Conditions

If the purchaser is not satisfied he may return part of all of his order against reimbursement.  Reimbursement will not take place until the quantity and quality of the returned products have been analyzed.Initial delivery costs will not be included in the reimbursement. For an exchange, the purchaser must start the ordering process over from the beginning. Delivery costs (packaging and carrying) will be at the purchaser’s cost.

The products must not be used or damaged and must be returned in original packaging together will all documentation and instruction notices.

For sanitary reasons, hygiene products cannot be either exchanged or reimbursed.

The parcel must be returned by registered letter with return receipt to the following address:

Zac du IN - Rue Jean Monnet


Delivery and packaging costs for returns are at the charge of the purchaser, except in the case of a defect of conformity of the products of STERNE SAS, and only after a quality verification of the said defect by STERNE SAS. Only in this case will the cost of delivery for the return be reimbursed to the account used for the purchase, with presentation of proof.

3. Conditions for reimbursement

For reimbursement, after the parcels returned by the purchaser have been received, the products counted, and their quality verified, STERNE SAS pledges to credit the account / credit card which was debited for the order within a period not exceeding 30 days.


In order to better meet the expectations and needs of the purchaser, the entry of personal data is necessary for the correct follow-through and management of orders.

The customer gives his consent by the article 23 of the legislative decree n° 196 of 30/06/2003 that the STERNE company, located at Zac du MIN Avenue Jean Monnet - 84300 CAVAILLON – FRANCE may gather, use, communicate and/or circulate the personal data entered during the order, in order to complete the purchasing process. This information is reserved exclusively for the completion of the services proposed by STERNE SAS. In order to ensure the smooth flow of its operations, it is necessary that the SI-LINE SRL transmit, temporarily, certain elements of personal data to its contractors (logistical and banking systems). In no case will this information be transmitted to commercial partners without the prior agreement of the purchaser.

In accord with the legislative decree n°196 of 30/06/2003, the purchaser has the right of access, of modification and of removal of personal data. The purchaser is free to modify the personal data entered in his personal space/account, using the identifying codes provided on account opening. However, if the purchaser wishes to remove his personal data, he must contact the STERNE SAS company by e-mail at the address:[email protected] specifying his wish to remove personal data.

The purchaser also has the choice to subscribe or to unsubscribe to the SI-LINE newsletter as well as to receive personalized offers by e-mail.


All of the texts and visual supports of the products and concepts presented on the website are and remain the exclusive property of STERNE SAS. STERNE SAS is thereby the holder of all rights attached to the diversity of its elements.

As a consequence, any reproduction, partial or total, of one of these elements, for any use, commercial or otherwise, and on any type of support, is liable to prosecution before the courts because illegal.

Article 10 - Competent legal Authority

The present general sales conditions are submitted to the legislation of the European Union. The present general sales conditions are available in three languages: English, French and Italian. In case of litigation relating to the contracting between the parties: SI-LINE SRL and the purchaser, in first instance the arbitration courts will intervene. In last instance, if the parties do not reach a common accord, the competent court will be the Court of Avignon (84) FRANCE..