Oven dish - SI-CESTA
Oven dish - SI-CESTA Oven dish - SI-CESTA Oven dish - SI-CESTA Oven dish - SI-CESTA

Oven dish - SI-CESTA

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100% made of silicone, SI-CESTA is an unbreakable oven dish, resistant till 200°C. Its rectangular shape is perfect as bakery as traditional meal, mixing aesthetics and gastronomy.

Fats or sophisticated main course, SI-CESTA can be adapted to all kind of food. Veegy's gratins, or starter presentation, SI-CESTA will be perfect fruit bowl.
SI-CESTA is also adapted to freezing and due to its non-sticky properties, you can easily remove your cake or meal...

Full of uses, soft colors and original design, SI-CESTA will easily find its place following your table decoration.

Simple maintenance in washing machine or dishwasher, we advise you to clean your SI-CESTA oven dish before the first use.

SI-LINE tips: Present your SI-CESTA with SI-BOWL to display pre-dinner, side dishes or sauces.

Complete with the SI-CESTA gift box!

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