Why silicone ?

Silicone, a noble, lasting and economical polymer

Silicone is a polymer made of silicon. Silicon is extracted from sand and rocks, and it is one of the most abundant resources on the earth. Transformed for centuries, this raw material is used to produce glass, electronic compounds, industrial solutions, and so on. Silicon can be restructured into polymer thanks to complex chemical processes. Thus, silicone is divided into several categories: liquid, resin, hot or cold vulcanized elastomer. Each category has specific goals and uses: fashion accessories, medical equipment, cosmetics' products and  child care, decoration items, cooking tools...

Le silicone, une matière première souple, très résistante, durable et très tendance.Silicone, a soft raw material withstanding, lasting and fashion.

Our vision inspires our know how

We take silicone and make it beautiful for you. We love nature and respect it. We love curves and take adavntage of them.

We love life, and want to make it easier for you.

Unique features and properties

Silicone is a ubiquitous material in our daily life. Not toxic for health, unbreakable, withstanding at low temperature as at high temperature, it has an outstanding useful life. In contradiction to various products, silicone is environmentaly-friendly. This material can be easily mixed with other materials to increase the value.

With a myriad uses, our silicone collects incomparable properties:

With SI-LINE by STERNE, silicone is synonym of design, emotion and daily comfort

Si-Line by STERNE makes the choice to exploit silicone, for its neatness and its purity. Thus, you can  benefit from our qualitative products, made in France, respecting the quality requirements of the norm ISO 9001.

Drain médical silicone          

Silicone medical tube, Silicone drainage tube and silicone handle designed for medical equipment.

Silicone is healthy, hygienic, biocompatible, not cytotoxic, not toxic and it limits bacteria development.